stop smoking, because smoking is damaging organs

Hazardous substances in cigarettes

How is the way to stop smokingHow is the way to stop smoking - Why is cigarette called a health hazard. The point is, let's look at cigarettes harmful substances that cause health problems in each cigarette puff. Below are some of the substances contained in cigarettes.
1. Nicotine 

This substance containing opium could cause a person addicted to smoking cigarettes trus 

Influence on the human body: 
lead to addiction / dependence 
damage the brain tissue 
cause rapid blood clot 
harden artery walls 

2. Tar 
The manufacture of asphalt that can be attached to the lungs and can cause irritation and even cancer 

Influence on the human body: 
kill cells in the bloodstream 
Increase mucus production diparu-lung 
Causes lung cancer 

3. Carbon monoxide 
Gas that can cause heart disease because it can bind oxygen gas in the body. 

Influence on the human body: 
binds to hemoglobin, so the body is deprived of oxygen 
blocking transport in the blood 

4. Carcinogenic Substances 
Influence on the human body: 
Trigger the growth of cancer cells in the body 

5. Irritant substances 
Pollute the airways and air sacs in the lungs 
Causing coughing 

Foreign substances are hazardous substances that are contained in the SMOKE, and there are 4000 chemicals contained in cigarettes, 40 were classified as hazardous substances such as: hydrogen cyanide (HCN), arsenic, ammonia, polonium, and carbon monoxide ( CO).
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