stop smoking, because smoking is damaging organs

Quit Smoking Advice

Quit Smoking Advice
How is the way to stop smoking - Quit Smoking it is difficult to quit smoking . Moreover cigarette addicts is very difficult to avoid these cigarettes . There are several ways to be able to quit smoking , among others :

  1. Sincere intention to quit smoking .
  2. Learning to hate cigarettes
  3. Mix with people who do not smoke
  4. Often go to places that are air-conditioned office
  5. Move all items related to cigarettes .
  6. If you want to smoke , wait for another 10 minutes.
  7. Tell friends and people nearby if we want to stop smoking .
  8. Reduce jumplah smoking little by little .
  9. Eliminate the habit Bengong or wait .
  10. Frequently go to the hospital , in order to know the importance of health .
  11. Find a replacement for cigarettes , such as candy or sugar .
  12. Try and try again if it still fails .

Remember though smoking cigarettes sold free and it is one of the state deficit , but smoking is not good for health . Smoking is only gratification alone . Hopefully you can follow the ways to quit smoking .
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