stop smoking, because smoking is damaging organs

What is the dangers of smoking cigarettes

How is the way to stop smoking
How is the way to stop smoking - Dangers of smoking and the health effects of smoking are already included in cigarette packs sold in the market . There mentioned the dangers of smoking to health " can cause cancer , heart attacks , impotence and disorders of pregnancy and the fetus " .

However , despite the dangers of cigarette smoking and substance contained therein packs already mentioned , there are still many Indonesian people who smoked active . Not only Indonesia , and even the world .
Actually , the war against cigarettes has been done by many people individually as well as institutional and organizational . Not one eventually if on any date of May 31 or campaigning around the world celebrate World No Tobacco Day , or in Indonesia we call it the smokeless cigarette .
Keep in mind , that the World No Tobacco Day is a member of the World Health Organization - WHO . So , we can be sure the dangers of smoking is indeed true and not a joke .

  1. heart disease
  2. Phthisis
  3. Make teeth damaged
  4. mouth odor
  5. diabetes
  6. impotence
  7. cancer
  8. disorders of pregnancy
  9. respiratory disorders
  10. etc.
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