stop smoking, because smoking is damaging organs

5 reasons women should quit smoking
How is the way to stop smoking - Smoking is adikfit activities that are not only bad for your health but also the people around you . Smoking can also cause problems in health complications .

A study as reported from mention that apparently the effects of smoking more harmful for women than for men . Hence this is the reason why women should stop smoking from now

This is the most important effects of smoking are not only men but also women attacked . Smoking is only giving a false illusion that is useful for relieving stress . But in fact it builds residual cigarettes in large numbers in the lungs that can cause cancer and other respiratory diseases .

Disruptive infant health
pregnant women who smoke should immediately stop the habit because it can have a negative impact on health is so great that the fetus . Cigarette smoke increases the risk of birth defects and suffer from bipolar syndrome when they mature later . Besides cigarette smoke will rob much needed oxygen to the developing fetus .

Making stains on teeth
Chemicals contained in cigarettes will leave stains on teeth . Teeth will look yellowish and dull . This is of course very disturbing appearance of women .

Make skin wrinkles
Cigarette smoke is filled with carbon dioxide robs oxygen in the skin . If the skin as a result of oxygen deficiency then the skin will wrinkle faster .

affect fertility
Although smoking is rarely cause infertility , but tobacco use increases the risk of infertility of a woman .

Whatever the reason , smoking would be very detrimental to health, especially for women . Therefore you stop smoking , live a healthy lifestyle , and begin to take responsibility for creating clean air for others .
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