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Impact of smoking for body image
How is the way to stop smoking - Although many articles and media that reveal the dangers of smoking to health , but the fact is there are still many people who continue their smoking habit . Though smoking is not only bad for health but also for appearance. Cancer Society of Finland provide some evidence about the terrible effects of smoking on one's appearance . In a few short years , smokers will experience a buildup of fat in some parts of the body , have skin that is dry and not healthy , and experienced a lot of acne on his face .
Here is some evidence that shows how a person's face when they have become a smoker and when they have not to be smokers , as reported by The Atlantic ( 11/12 ) .
Face of women over time became known that the skin does not look healthy smokers . This is because the chemicals in cigarettes causes the skin elasticity is reduced so easily chapped skin .
In the picture above is shown that smokers have more fat in the abdomen. Most smokers are obese in the stomach , the stomach when compared with non-smokers .
There is also the impact on male smokers as above . Smokers easier spotty . In addition , acne smokers are also more difficult to remove , acne compared with those who did not smoke .
Photo made ​​by Body Tobacco is used as an information and advertising to reduce the level of smoking in the community . The tactics used to scare smokers or people who do not smoke so as not to start smoking is also used by other advertisers .
A study conducted by researchers in Australia in 2011 showed that this kind of way is the most effective way to make smokers kick their smoking habit .
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