stop smoking, because smoking is damaging organs

Smoking-related mortality data assessed is still confusing
How is the way to stop smoking - Researcher Institute for Global Justice ( The Institute ) , Salamuddin Daeng , conduct research related mortality due to tobacco cigarettes , especially in Indonesia . He doubted the calculation of data from the Ministry of Health that mentioned the number of deaths from smoking per year reaching 200,000 people .

" Data deaths from tobacco can not be proven , which is provable data due to malaria , dengue fever , malnutrition , severe malnutrition , which is rife in the country , " said Salamuddin to reporters in Jakarta , Thursday ( 24/10 ) .

According to him , death is more common because of the high cost of health care so unaffordable in Indonesia . In addition , many hospitals refuse patients who are less able . " To all of it is the duty of the Ministry of Health , " he said .

He explained , another death can be calculated each year are traffic accidents and due to poor transportation system . To that , he added , there has been no research that says cigarettes cause of death in Indonesia .

" Deaths due to smoking can not be proven , " he explained .

He appealed to the Ministry of Health should focus on the provision of health workers , provision of health facilities , education, nutritious food , health financing cheap and even free .

" The problem is the problem of tobacco agriculture , industry , labor , trade , export , import , which must be properly taken care of by other ministries in this country , " he stated .
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