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Soul Doctor : In 20 Seconds , Live Cigarette Toxins Affect the Brain
How is the way to stop smoking - Smoking is harmful to your health . Not just cause lung disease and heart attack , turns out cigarettes can also directly affect your brain !
Dr. Dr. Nurmiati Amir , SpKJ , Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia describes how the nicotine in cigarettes affects your brain .
" From the first time smoked , nicotine can directly reach the brain in just 20 seconds , " he said at the seminar Cigarettes , Neuroscience and Spirituality in the Pharmaceutical Society of Naval Auditorium , Lower Dam , Jakarta , Sunday ( 15/12/2013 ) .
Once inhaled , nicotine will pass through the throat and stored in body fat and muscle . After the pH ( acidity ) balanced physiology , nicotine will immediately go up to the brain .
He also goes on to identify some of the influences of nicotine to the body . Among these is the increase waking , improved attention , create excitement or euphoria , reduce anxiety , and decrease fatigue . This is caused by the nicotine that passes through the brain called the Brain Reward System .
" Nicotine that passes through the system it will stimulate the behavior of excited , happy , and feeling happy . However due to the bad is when there is no nicotine that passes , the system will send a signal loss so that we 'll feel restless , anxious , and so if we do not smoke , " he said again .
The things that he thinks makes a person difficult to quit smoking . He also added that the prevention of nicotine addiction should be done early .
" Because of the earlier he would smoke the sooner he nicotine dependence , " he concluded .
WHO's latest data show that one-third of the world's population smoke . While in Indonesia alone two- thirds of the male population in Indonesia has been smoking .
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