stop smoking, because smoking is damaging organs

What happens in the body when quitting smoking ?
How is the way to stop smoking - A lot of research that says that smoking can cause various health problems such as cancer , heart attack , and impotence . A wide variety of chemical substances contained in cigarettes will also be depriving oxygen in your body . As a result, the skin becomes wrinkled quickly .

Seeing a wide range of negative impacts of smoking addiction , making you think for a start stop merorok . Well .. this is what will happen in your body when you quit smoking as reported from

20 minutes
When you quit smoking , then that will happen in about 20 minutes is your pulse will not beat tight as usual . The decrease in pulse rate will also affect your blood pressure drops so that the body temperature will increase.

12 hours
Within 12 hours , the content of carbon monoxide in the blood will slowly disappear . The level of oxygen in the blood will return to normal .

24 hours
Your risk of having a heart attack will decrease drastically if you stop smoking for 24 hours .

2 days
If you quit smoking for 2 days , then the senses of smell and taste you will return to normal function . You 'll also be able to breathe fresh air with .

2 weeks up to several months
You will increase the physiological reflexes , improved blood circulation , and also your lungs to function properly . You will stop having trouble breathing and coughing .

9 months
In a period of 9 months , fatigue and headaches that have attacked you will slowly disappear . Risk of lung infections will also be reduced drastically .

1 year
When you quit smoking within 1 year , then your risk of heart attack and other heart disease would be reduced by 50 % .

5 years
The threat of stroke during the time you fear will disappear .

10 years
Time during the 10 years it will stop the development of cancer cells in the mouth , throat , esophagus , gall bladder , kidney , and pancreas . Even the state of your lungs will be just as healthy with those who do not smoke .

Smoking was not a positive impact on the health of the body . Therefore do not hesitate to stop your addiction to cigarettes from now on .
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