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Stop Smoking Fix Your Mental Health

How is the way to stop smoking
How is the way to stop smoking - Quitting smoking can also help us to improve the mental health . Similarly, a new study released online on February 11 in the Journal of Psychological Medicine , the United States said .

Gradually, the researchers analyzed 4,800 smokers . The results show a person who has a habit of smoking often experience uncontrolled mental condition .

" In the first known survey of a cigarette addicts have mental health problems , " said the researchers from the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis cited Health , Saturday ( 02/15/2014 ) .

The first survey found that 40 percent of participants had a mood or anxiety disorder or a history of these conditions , 50 percent had alcohol problems and 24 percent have a drug problem .

In the second survey , the researchers analyzed the volunteers who give up smoking . Found , those who quit smoking have a mood disorder that is still lower than smoking .

" People who quit smoking will experience a mood disorder , while only 29 percent of smokers experienced a mood disorder as much as 42 percent , " the researchers said .

" When treating people with mental health problems , doctors may neglect their smoking patients . Though it has nothing to do , " said Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Principal Investigator , Patricia Cavazos - Rehg .

The findings are said to Patricia showed a strong correlation between smoking cessation with better mental health .

" We really need to spread the word and encourage physicians and patients to address this problem . When a patient is a smoker who wants to focus on other mental health problems , mualilah quit smoking , " said Patricia .
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